Me, Tomomi K


만나서 반가워요..

Just call me tomomi (this is absolutely not my real name. I’m Indonesian anw) or whatsoever you want to call me with. I’m 18 years old girl but soon to be 19   already 19 now ;__;, a college student whose the major is civil engineering. Tbh, one of the reason I rarely post here was bcs of that major -__- it takes most of my time.

This page actually been made a few years ago but I think I should’ve given some updates since more than a year passed.

Well, I started my life to be an ELF over four years ago (it’s nearly 5 years I guess). If you had heard once about PURE ELF or sth, I can admitted that I respect them so much that I want to be one of them. Being in one fandom and be loyal are enough for me.

Super Junior is my best moodbooster, so like vanilla and classical music. But Cho Kyuhyun, he is my superb best moodbooster YET the terrible one heartbreaker! this kid somehow easy to got me upset or turned into the so fvkin blue mood. Anw, Im vanilla addict. Beside, I love the color white much 😉

Novels, Cats, Dramas are kind of thing that I have interested in. So i guess you all know well what gift you could give me when my birthday comes ;p

I love to make some friends and I accept people bitching on me since it comes to break the awkwardness sometimes. Here you can keep in touch with me @LokitaCitra

See you dearest. thanks for coming here *smooch :DDD

20 thoughts on “Me, Tomomi K

    • haaaiii ifa, bangawoyo *bow
      iyaaa aku suka dengerin instrument2 gitu,buat nyari feel comfortnya
      apalagi kalo lagi sedih, pas banget hehe
      aku suka yiruma, ga terlalu classic tapi comfort banget kalo dengerinnya >_<
      tapi aku juga suka melodinya bach, beethoven, mozart, vanesa mae, dll tapi cuma untuk melodi tertentu
      *yang melodinya bikin galau, kaya pathetic sama air on G string*
      oia aku juga suka banget sama depapepe!

    • hai juga!
      gomawo sudah main kesini >__<
      dan emang ga jauh2 yang aku post pasti related sama kyu! 🙂
      kamu Gamers juga?kalo begitu salam kenal sekali lagi *bow

  1. Baru liat blognya ka pulo. Hahahahaha 😀

    ceritanya hampir sama kaya aku ketemu tiara. Tapi bedanya aku udah tau sj walaupun yg aku kenal hanya siwon,kibum,heechul dan ga terlalu fanatik banget sama mereka.

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