[Translate] 4th Grade Kyuhyun’s letter to Adam


4th-Grade-Kyuhyun’s letter to Adam

Adam who once lived in Eden was chased out of Eden because he ate a forbidden fruit. 
Man who worked at night, your waist must have hurt. 
It must have been very nice to stay at Eden right? 
Please give me strength because it seems that I have not been successful in every single thing that i have done.
If only I could live in Eden too… Be with the boys in a place where there is no pain and not being able to die, don’t need to do work anymore, eat fruits and rear animals… 
That saying “You are very good in playing your instrument” If only I’m good at playing instruments too that will be nice… 
That’s all… 

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Source: qimanlian 
Translated by Sherlyn at OurGyuhyun





[Questions from his church & Kyuhyun’s answers]

1.How would I look 10 years later?
Kyuhyun: ○○university law student. Have glasses on and weight would be soso.

2.What would u do if u get 1 million won?
Kyuhyun: 100000 would be tithes, 800000 would be for paupers, and I will get 100000.

3.What do u want to tell to 3rd grade hoobaes?
Kyuhyun: Orchestra class is very tiring. If u don’t keep on time punishment will sting u. Do well!

4.Write 3 line poem (we write 3 line poem by our name)
Kyuhyun: Cho yonghan yeoido eseo (At quiet Yeoido)
Kyu chikeul jal jikineun 4bu habjuban(4 term orchestra class who keeps rule)
Hyun myunghan habjuban( wise orchestra class)

ps:the handwriting on the letter picture was Kyuhyun’s handwriting when he was in 4th Grade^^

Source: 게봄 슬기님 & Daum1004 at Naver
 Translated by Jenny at OurGyuhyun

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