[LYRIC/TRANS] Super Junior 5집 compilations (COMPLETED)

1.Mr.Simple 작사작곡 유영진
3.라라라라(Be My Girl)
6.어느새 우리 (Good Friends)
7.결투(Feels Good)
8.기억을 따라(Memories)
10.엉뚱한상상(White Christmas)
11.Y 작사 동해 Chance 작곡 동해 Chance
12.My Love My Kiss My Heart
13.[Bounce Track] 태완미
출처-13이특권 (핫트랙스 잡지)

will update soon! ^^

with the purple color is line with lyric and trans

ps: tell me if there’s a broken link or without-credit-post. thanks ^^

6 thoughts on “[LYRIC/TRANS] Super Junior 5집 compilations (COMPLETED)

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