[CY/update/translation] Kyuhyun try his iphone4

credit to Sungmin’s CY shared by Rai @ sj-world.net

Title: 태국으로 가려는 비행기에서
On the plane to Thailand

“아이폰4를 공부하는 규현이에게 풀라로이드 케메라를 선보였다.. 훗! 놀래는 표정 귀엽군.. 이제 5분후 이룍! 태국에서 기다리고있을 나의 50만 팬들에게 맘껏 웃어주고 오리라~ 훗!”

“Kyuhyun who is learning (how to use) the iPhone4 showed off his polaroid camera.. Hoot! Cute surprised expression.. Will be taking off 5 minutes from now! My 500,000 fans who are waiting for me at the airport in Thailand(,) come smiling with all your heart~ Hoot!”

Source: 이성민 미니홈피
Translated by eternalsnow @ sj-world.net

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